About Me

Welcome to my book blog Saucy peeps!
I'm a thirty-something woman who got a late start in reading.
I know, I know the horror!(gasp)
 First let me tell you how I got into reading and why I call myself a "Late Bloomer" it all started off in November of 2008 when one of my friends asked to go see Twilight with her. Well, I never heard of Twilight or even saw the trailer on TV but as soon as she said it was about vampires, I was in.
 Anyways I went and fell in love with the movie!
I'm not known for having patience and decided to find out what happened next so I bought Stephenie Meyer's New Moon book and right there is where my reading began:) I couldn't get enough of it, I felt like this veil lifted from my eyes and saw so many possibilities where I could get lost in. I felt like I wasted so many years not reading so I read and read finally finishing all 4 books.
I don't know if it was normal to feel mournful, I felt like I wasn't ready to let go of my Edward and Bella and so I came across a Fanfiction site and yet again my world change.lol I came to realize that it wasn't about not letting go of the characters but to find new stories and starting new ones with new characters.
Then I got introduced to my kindle and went crazy with reading everything I could get my hands on. Don't believe me asked my sister-in-law Sarah, she's my book partner in crime!lol One book after a other got me so immerse into their story and it hit me one day that I was a huge reader! Hence why I call myself a "late bloomer" since I didn't start until I was 30.
 So now after reading over 250 books in a little over a year, I decided to start reviewing them, now I don't know the first thing about doing that but as long as I start somewhere and be honest about it. I hope that by getting my feet wet it will make me a better writer:)