Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Under the Mistletoe by M.C. Cerny


Monroe Matches is throwing the hottest holiday mixer for all the sexy singles in Miami. We've got the mistletoe, come and meet your holiday match...

Carla Monroe has been matching couples for decades. If there's one match she hasn't gotten right, it's her son Phineas. No woman has sparked his interest, no matter how many of her top contenders she's secretly paraded in his path, both in and out of the office.

Luckily for Carla, Maxine Mackenzie has finally come back to Miami. Once she pairs her grumpy marketing director son with the free-spirited party planner, sparks fly. Thanking a cue from her Shaman, Carla hightails out of town to let the two people who need a match the most, fall... under the mistletoe.


Under the Mistletoe was a very short festive read. I enjoyed every character and loved that they had known each other, that they had a past.

*Carla Monroe- The matchmaking mother

*Phineas Monroe- The Uncommitted Ladies Man

*Priscilla Monroe- The Crazy Driving Crude Talking Sister

*Maxine Mackenzie- The Party Planner

Carla Monroe wants her son to be happy and find love, so she comes up with a plan to bring Phineas and Maxine together.

While Carla ask Maxine to come down to Miami to help organize a Christmas mixer for all their clientele, Maxine jumps at the chance to get away from California. She stays with her childhood best friend Priscilla Monroe, and is ready for what this change will bring her.

What she didn't expect was to bump into Phineas that first day and still have those childhood feeling for him. As for Phineas, he fondly remembers Maxine and how she would follow him around. There was always something about her that wormed her way into his thoughts.

As the story proceeds, you can see how Priscilla plays her match making part to also match them up together. I found Priscilla to be hilarious with her crude talking and crazy driving! I would love there to be a second book on her, I can only imagine the things she would say and do.

As Phineas and Maxine take this step to see where things head, you can't help but to love where this story takes you. I found Under The Mistletoe to be a cute and funny read, definitely one of my favorite short reads!

I Give 
Under The Mistletoe
by M.C. Cerny
**** 4 ****

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