Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Coolest Way to Kill Yourself by Nicholas Tanek

Okay, so one actually kills themselves in the book.

The Coolest Way to Kill Yourself pulls you into the early 90's New York City rave scene, in all its chaotic, psychedelic glory. The narrator grabs you by your wrist and drags you behind two teenage lovers from New Jersey as they tumble through a whirlwind of reckless hedonism that eventually spirals into a dark, devastating world of drug addiction and heartbreak.

As a teenager, Lynn cried, "No one is ever going to write something for me."

Nearly two decades later, in the aftermath of Hurricane sandy, Nicholas did just that. The gesture came too late for our unlikely heroine, but his heart was in the right place. A broken heart... but a true love.

Reunited after years apart, Lynn and Nicholas embraced their love and sexuality, and embrace each other, despite trouble past, despite troubled illness, despite all their imperfections and mistakes. They share the kind of honest and shameless connection that few have had the honor of knowing, and most would never understand.

"We're not hurting anyone. We're just living life without caring what anyone thinks about us, without caring about the consequences."

"It's the coolest way to kill ourselves," Lynn said.

So turn the page, and pull the trigger.


Oh wow , I don't even know where to start with this book! I'm not going to lie, I had a hard time reading it until I got to 40% of it and then my emotions really started kicking in. I went from laughing out loud to being pissed, but the raw emotion in which Nicholas Tanek writes about Lynn is over whelming.

Okay, let's see... first of all the love in this book over whelmed me to the core, like I said earlier. To read about how Lynn and Nicholas first met, their first date, their non conventional relationship, and finally the heart breaking ending. Boy was I bawling my eyes out!

Lynn's love for Nicholas even at the beginning was so true even at a young age but as I kept reading more about Nickolas, he loved being in love, but it was finally when he and Lynn reconnected years later that he knew she was his heart.

This book deals with a lot of drugs, sex, abusive relationship, heartbreak, and other issues that I don't want to say because I hate spoilers and I rather you read this book and find out for yourself. I must warn you it's a long read, it took me 3 weeks to finish this puppy, now for some of you it may not be your cup of tea but I really do encourage you reading this book. It's written with so much love and by the end I really do think you'll end up loving it. 

Thank You Nicholas for sharing Lynn with us, and to sharing the love you both had.

I Give Nickolas Tanek
      **** 4 ****
      Golden Pens! 

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