Monday, August 4, 2014

Freed by Stephie Walls

Annie finally found the strength to break free from the destructive bonds that tied her to Gray. He will forever hold a piece of her heart, but she let him go when he was poised to marry for the second time to another woman.

Brett Ryann has shown her love, devotion, and the security she desperately desires. It may not be the soul shattering passion she shared with Gray, but it's comforting, rocking chair love that will carry her through life. With the help of Brett, she has picked up the pieces of her shattered and unconditional love she's always wanted. But unforseen circumstances arise, and Annie is once again forced to choose between the security of the life she's created or reclaiming the missing piece of her soul.

Living with the pain of losing everything she never knew she had.

Gray has never been able to give Annie the commitment and stability she wants. Foolishly believing she would always be waiting, he's made choices that make it very difficult to come back into her life. Gray knows his weakness and knows he hurt Annie time and again, but in his mind she will always be his. Have his wondering eyes, lack of commitment, and continuous need for freedom finally release her from the force that bound them together? Just when he realizes exactly what he's lost and what he's willing to do to get it back, he, discovers it may be too late to prove to her that he can be the man she need him to be.

Freed is the conclusion of Bound by Love. It is steamy, heart-wrenching, beautiful love story. What happens to relationships and past lovers when marriages, infidelity, children, and maturity collide with the present?

* Warning- This book contains sexual content & language that is not appropriate for audience under eighteen years of age.


I absolute loved this book! Stephie Walls left me in a ball crying and feeling guilty for hating Gray. But as much as I hated him, I still found something to love about Gray. The one who I fell in love with was Brett, he was kind, gentle, loving and most of all forgiving. Bound by Love and Freed brought me back to my past with her real life writing. She draws you in, chews you up, and spits you out. Lol Plain and simple!

Stephie Walls had me waiting for the other shoe to drop and as soon as I go comfortable BAM, she hit me where it hurt. A lot of this book focus in on Brett and his feelings for Annie and what he was willing to do for her.

It does have you thinking of the "what if's" and how this would have turned out so differently. Annie and Gray have moved on but the question is, for how long? How long before their bond tugs at them again and what will be the consequence of getting back together? This story takes a different turn, and will leave you surprised and emotional. Be ready to have some tissue close by because you will be needing it.

Some books I read. Some books I enjoy. But Your books just swallow me up heart and soul. Thank you Stephi Walls for this beautiful yet heart breaking story.

  I give Freed
 Stephie Walls
***** 5 *****

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