Friday, February 21, 2014

Mixing It Up by Ariel Ellman

Ani's beloved sister Sawyer Mackenize from The Sweet Spot is back with her own love story in Book II of the Boston Harbor Romance Series, and it is just as sassy, sexy, and audacious as the pink-haired, pierced Sawyer is! Warning: Smoldering sex scenes between tall, dark, macho, sexy Italian man and hot bi-sexual Irish girl from the South End of Boston. Content includes explicit language, hot sex scenes, a spicy threesome, a lot of humor and a little heartbreak with a happy ending.


Oh my, Oh my, Oh my... get ready when you read Sawyer and Bobby's story because it's caliente!!!
I came across Ariel Ellman, Boston Harbor Romance Series about a month ago and I automatically fell in love with the First Book.
The Sweet Spot is the first book in the series but when you read it you just can't help but fall in love with "ALL" the characters.

Sawyer's character was unforgettable in the first book and was glad she became the focus of
Book II.
She always thought of her self as a lesbian and has no plans for men and so she fought hard and was bullheaded when it came to admitting her feelings for Bobby. But to her surprise, Bobby change change that for her and slowly slipped into her heart.

Bobby character is awesome!!! He's down to earth, accepting, loving, and loyal. He always tries to show Sawyer that they can be good together and before she knows it, Sawyer's head over heels in love with him, but still doubt's if she can be with him.

Loved how Ariel brought back the characters like Ani, Bast, and Jordan without overshadowing Soy and Bobby's story.

There is a little bit of heartbreak but plenty of humor, pigheadedness, teasing and Hector's Tequila which ends with a HEA for both of them.

I thought Ani and Sebastian's story counldn't get beat but Ariel Ellman proved me wrong and I couldn't be happier. Can't wait to read Jordan's story, Mississippi Spice.

I Give Ariel Ellman
~~~~ 4 ~~~~
Golden Pens!

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