Thursday, February 12, 2015

Destined For Dreams by Ginna Moran

Seventeen-year-old Nadia Petrov is an outcast in her tight knit community of people with special abilities. Nadia must have invade people's dreams to survive. She sneaks into sleeping victims' rooms, slips into their head, and then turns their dreams into horrifying nightmares.

When a new girl arrives at her compound, Nadia can't resist giving the girl a nightmare. In the dream world, Nadia discovers Hunter Sullivan, a soul trapped in the girls mind. Intrigued by Hunter, Nadia secretly builds a relationship with him in the dream world, and they find solace through each other.

Unable to accept a love fated for dreams, Nadia must risk losing the safety of her community to help Hunter get back to his body before he's lost forever.


Wow, I didn't know what I got myself into until I started reading it. I love me some paranormal romance but this one was different! It wasn't vampire's, werewolves, ghost, or anything like that. Destined for Dreams was different because it had a unique and interesting story line. Nadia has to survive off of peoples nightmare's, and I loved that she didn't play the damsel in distress, Nadia didn't like doing what she did but she knew there wasn't any other way around it.

Then comes in a new girl and Nadia can't resist giving her a nightmare, but what she finds is Hunter and builds a relationship with him. Their secret love of wanting to be together and wanting to help him embarks on this action pack and paranormal romance. This book is fill with dream worlds and special powers, it kind of reminds me of reading about X-Mex characters. There isn't ever a dull moment with Ginna Moran superb writing skills.

This book is a YA read, but with how it's written you just dive right in to the story line and can't seem to get enough. I totally recommend this book to everyone!  

            I Give 
Destined For Dreams
      Ginna Moran
      *****5 *****

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